Cockcroft refurbishment: objectives

This iconic 1960s structure - now in its 50th year - has been described as a 'marmite building', and provides some 15,000m2 of multi-use space. It is one of the university's largest academic buildings. Update...

Over time, the internal layouts and mechanical/electrical services within the building have been altered and updated on an ad hoc basis and now require complete rationalisation and upgrade to meet current standards and demands. The project requires a fundamental refurbishment of the building (excluding ground and mezzanine floors). Key drivers include:

  • window replacement;
  • services replacement;
  • general upgrade;
  • improving functionality;
  • fire egress, fire stopping, etc.

The refurbishment is seen as an opportunity to consolidate particular resources, such as computer pool rooms at faculty level in order to reduce operational costs and increase resource utilisation.  An opportunity will also be taken to seek to ensure co-location of areas of academic provision at school interfaces (e.g. computer science and electronic engineering); and within schools (e.g. mechanical and electrical engineering). 

Cockcroft will continue to provide the main accommodation for the School of the Environment and Technology, which will be participating in the refurbishment as part of the project group whilst, at the same time, benefiting from utilising the project as a learning opportunity.

'The Legacy of 1960's University Buildings'

Please contact EFM Project Manager, Lisa Ryan, with any queries: x 4578.